CaptureIt! - Changes 1.8.0

  • Old Mac OS versions and Mac architectures (PPC) are now not supported. System requirements are: Mac OS X 10.6 and Later, Intel Mac
  • CaptureIt! is now Lion compatible
  • CaptureIt! is now Final Cut Pro X compatible
  • Now it is possible to select which of two audio tracks will be included into the resulting movie: system sound, audio from external devices or both
  • Updated and fixed a set of bugs in CaptureIt! Tools interface
  • Recent open files menu is now shown via right click on the Dock icon
  • Few improvements in CaptureIt! Tools main menu
  • Updated window tracking module: less buggy, more accurate
  • Added QuickLook preview for encoding tasks
  • Layers editor now supporst Lion's fullscreen mode and has a zoom slider at the bottom of the window
  • Fixed bug when CaptureIt! was fading the screen and not starting its work for too long
  • Fixed bug when certain records could not be encoded with H.264 codec resulting a blank video track
  • Fixed bug when captured screenshots were assigned a wrong color profile
  • Fixed bug when preset changes in preferences forced current encoding tasks to change their preset to Custom
  • Fixed bug when removing a preset form list in preferences caused an application error
  • Fixed bug when record control toolbar was resizing spontaneously
The previous version changes: 1.7.7

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