Submarine is an easy-to-use software self update framework for Cocoa developers.

It was developed by Deep IT and it is absolutely free for any use (open source & commercial) on one condition: you must refer to Deep IT with URL in your product at a visible place.
This project is designed to simplify the software update process.
If you need some exotic stuff like tar, bz, bz2, gz archives, or DMG disk images, please, use Sparkle. For the sake of simplicity, we deal ONLY with APP bundles in ZIP archives.
Submarine framework is not an open source product, however you are free to send us your suggestions at any time.
The SubmarineDemo project shows you how easy it is to integrate the Submarine framework with your products.
There is only one major limitation: Your application should come as a simple .app bundle (i.e. without an installer.) However, you can perform some post-intall operations using delegate methods.
  1. Open Info.plist, and change the CFBundleVersion value to indicate the current build number (numbers only). Your build number must increment from version to version
  2. Add another key to your Info.plist, name it CFBundleShortVersionString, and populate it with your current product version in the human readable format (e.g., 1.0.0)
  3. Add two main Submarine keys: SubmarineChangesURL and SubmarineVersionURL
  4. Sign and pack your product with our simple Signer Perl script. It is needed only to check product integrity using MD5 checksums. As a result, you should get a ZIP archive (the distributive), and a version file
  5. Upload both the ZIP archive and the version file to your Server
  6. And don't forget about the changes list
  7. If you familiar with the Sparkle framework, on option, for backward compatibility reasons with web sites offering the service of software updates and the Sparkle update service, you could upload to your server the appcast then define the pointer to it as an URL in the SUFeedURL key in the Info.plist of your software
  8. Optionally, for Submarine 2.2 and later, add SubmarineDSAPubFileName key with your DSA public key file name, example: dsa_pub.pem; and don't forget to include that file to the Resources folder.

Submarine.framework 1.5 for Tiger
Version:1.5 (September 22, 2009)
Size:1 Mb
Requirements:Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Download SubmarineDemo + Submarine.framework 1.5 for Tiger
Submarine.framework 2.4 for Leopard
Version:2.4 (October 22, 2009)
Size:1.1 Mb
Requirements:Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Download SubmarineDemo + Submarine.framework 2.4 for Leopard
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